Frequently Asked Questions (Tourism)

1. How come my business is not appearing on the Clare Valley or Southern Flinders Ranges website?
Both the Clare Valley and Southern Flinders Ranges websites are content managed using the online registration system of the  Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). By registering with ATDW (it’s FREE) your business or event will be processed and then appear on your chosen website.

Call 1300 742 414 or email us for further information.

2. Are there tourism groups in my area that can help me?
Yes! The Clare Valley Alliance and the Southern Flinders Tourism n’ Tastes group are just two of many. With monthly meetings, they’re are a great way to gain business tips and even avoid pitfalls, not to mention the opportunity for collaboration.

3. How do I become bookable online?
If you’re feeling daunted by offering bookings online, you’re alone. There’s a lot to consider, from which platform to choose and how to work out commissions. And it all really depends on the type of tourism business you run. The best solution is to talk to us. We’ve had plenty of experience helping businesses like yours navigate this space and can find a solution that works for you.

4. I’d like to develop a marketing plan. Where do I start?
A Marketing Plan is an essential business tool that gives you a cohesive strategy for promoting your business. We have templates you can use and can also review your plan and brainstorm ideas.

5. How can I find out about relevant grant opportunities?
Through monthly newsletters, emails and social media, we’ll keep you informed about relevant grants. All you need to do is email us your contact details. If you want to apply for a grant, please call us to make an appointment.