Resource Sharing Centre

The Resource Sharing Centre is an initiative of the Yorke Industry Leaders Group, one of 15 Industry Leaders Groups (ILG) in the State.

Supported by Regional Development Australia Yorke & Mid North and the Department of State Development, the Yorke Industry Leaders Group is made up of 13 local business and industry leaders. Using their local connections and knowledge, ILGs help government understand and respond to the workforce challenges experienced by industry and employers in and across regions.

The Yorke ILG recognises that the majority of businesses in the region are small business, who often have no dedicated HR capacity and lack the resources to spend any length of time looking for templates, policies or procedures that may be needed or useful in their business.

A number of ILG members from the Yorke (as well as the Southern Flinders and Mid North ILGs) have provided resources to share with other businesses in the region.

If you are looking for something specific that is not on this page, please contact us and we will do our best to source what you are looking for through our industry partners.


The following documents are attached to download, brand with your business logo and use within your own organisation:

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