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Request for Quote (RFQ) for: Y&MN Disability Sector Aspirational Employment Model – Stage 1

The NDIS aims to fundamentally change the way that support and care is provided to people with permanent and significant disability. The Scheme is person-centred and market-driven, with funding paid directly to the recipient who makes a choice of service provider. The national rollout of the NDIS is in full swing, with the commencement of the NDIS scheme available to adults in the Yorke & Mid North (YMN) region from January 2018. When complete, it is estimated that the number of people receiving disability support services in this region will almost triple from 660 to 1,900.

RDA YMN’s intent for this project is to identify and address areas of market failure in the supply of labour into the emerging NDIS / disability sector landscape. To achieve this, the Aspirational Employment Model will need an element not found in the other models – the capacity to identify and recruit unemployed and underemployed persons in the region, who are willing and available to provide support services within their local communities. The model must match demand for NDIS services with available workers.

The Sustainable Aspirational Model resulting from this project will seek to build on the strengths of regional communities, to pool local resources, and support the delivery of the best possible services for NDIS recipients. Download further information here.

Due Date:  COB Friday 4th May

All enquiries are to be directed to: Ms Larissa Mackrill

Disability Workforce Hub Coordinator

P: 1300 742 414

M: 0459 444 321

E: lmackrill@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au


Building Community Capacity to Address the Determinants of Employability in the Upper Spencer Gulf – A Background Paper  USG final report October 2016 (1)


Consultant required to develop a Business Case and Master Plan for the Rewilding Yorke Peninsula initiative

Regional Development Yorke and Mid North (RDAYMN) are seeking the services of a Consultant to develop a Business Case and Master Plan for the Rewilding Yorke Peninsula initiative. The Business Case will be used to support future funding bids by detailing the opportunities and benefits associated with its implementation across a number of sectors / focus areas including Ecological, Agricultural, Tourism and Economic.
The Master Plan will consolidate and detail strategies to guide the staged implementation of the Rewilding Yorke Peninsula initiative. It will also provide site specific concepts relating to new / improved infrastructure and will make the connection between hard infrastructure (eg, buildings), agricultural and tourism components of the initiative, and the ecological (flora / fauna) ‘game plan’. Download further information here


An Invitation to quote for provision of a “Clare & Gilbert Valleys Economic Development Plan”.

We are looking for a consultant to work with us and our Stakeholder – Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council – to develop an Economic Development Plan.

The successful respondent will deliver an Economic Development Plan which articulates the agreed vision, aspirations and objectives for Economic Development in the Clare & Gilbert Valleys region over a three year period.

Closing Date:  20th April 2018

Enquiries:  Lynn Wallace – 0429 458 453 or lwallace@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au

Download further Scope, tasks and deliverable’s here