Annual Report

RDAYMN Annual Report 2019/20

The 2019/2020 financial year enabled $27.9M worth of investment into the region. RDAYMN provided 363 organisations with intensive assistance, 1060 people attended events, workshops and activities across the region and assisted 94 proponents with their grant applications.


RDAYMN Annual Report of Outcomes 2018/19

The passing of the 2018/ 2019 year marks a year of rapid delivery, diversification and change for the Yorke and Mid North region and South Australia as a whole. The staff of RDA Yorke and Mid North are proud to deliver to you highlights that include $26.87M and the resulting 34 newly created jobs- each of every one of them characterised by hours of advice, support and contribution to the real heroes of our region- the individuals and businesses that invest their money to employ locals.



RDAYMN Annual Report 2018/19

The 2018/2019 financial year enabled over $28M worth of investment facilitated into the region. RDAYMN provided 331 organisations with intensive assistance and 1101 people attended events, workshops and activities across the region.





RDAYMN Annual Report 2017/18

The 2017/2018 financial year enabled over $7.8 Million of new investment by business, and a total of over $70 Million in the past 3 years. RDAYMN assisted Yorke and Mid North businesses with knowledge, know-how and expertise on more than 320 occasions, and secured and invested over $700,000 of State funding in projects addressing key regional economic development issues.



RDAYMN Annual Report 2016/17

The 2016/2017 financial year has been a year of exciting progress and remarkable change. As economic conditions have fluctuated we have needed to be flexible and adaptive to meet the challenging needs of our diverse and exciting region.



RDAYMN Annual Report 2015/16

In 2015/16 Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North launched our new Strategic Prospectus which has focussed our work on a three year plan to increase business and infrastructure assistance.