Southern Flinders Ranges Business Opportunities Forum – Wrap Up

On Tuesday, August 30 2022, 45 delegates attended the Southern Flinders Ranges Business Opportunities Forum, which aimed to increase awareness of the Remarkable Southern Flinders Ranges Project and to discuss the opportunities to grow the Visitor Economy throughout the region.


The Business Opportunities Forum was kindly supported by the Port Pirie Regional Council (PPRC), in addition to the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) and the South Australia Tourism Commission (SATC).


Left to right: Alexi Paxinos, Mim Ward, Danny Doyle, Annie Knappstein, Mandy Layden, Scott Perry

Our Speakers: 

Mim Ward, Southern Flinders Ranges Regional Tourism Manager, RDAYMN – The Visitor Economy

Kathryn Johnson, Director of Infrastructure, PPRC – update on tourism initiatives currently being undertaken in Port Pirie.

Danny Doyle, District Ranger, DEW   Update on the status of the Remarkable Southern Flinders Project’s three main projects; Epic Mountain Bike Loop in Melrose, Six-Gorges Walk in Port Pirie and the Mambray Creek Upgrade in Mambray Creek, plus highlighted the opportunities in the parks. Danny also included information on the completed Willowie and Willochra projects north of Melrose.

Alexi Paxinos, Manager Experience and Industry Capability SATC – Overview of the SATC, destination and product development and touched on the Experience Nature Tourism Fund, opening on 5 September 2022.

Annie Knappstein, Tour Director, Arabella Green – A diverse range of opportunities to be considered around successful walking trails.

Mandy Layden, Project Manager, National Parks & Wildlife Service – An extensive appraisal of the opportunities around mountain bike riding destinations.

Scott Perry, Facilitator, Sea to Valley Start-Ups – Services and support the program can provide to new and current business operators alike. This included business planning, costings and more.

Chris Davey, Director Development and Regulation, PPR – Update on the different considerations they would need when speaking with councils regarding new business propositions or changes to their current activities.