South Australian Regional Visitor Strategy

The South Australian Regional Visitor Strategy has now been launched. It outlines opportunities to grow South Australia’s regional visitor economy by $1 billion and create 1000 new jobs.

Initiated by regional tourism organisations through the Regional Tourism Chairs Forum and led by Helen Edwards as Chair of the Regional Visitor Strategy Steering Committee, the strategy has been specifically tailored for each of our 11 tourism regions. The strategy is a collaboration between many stakeholders including the Local Government Association of South Australia, Regional Development Australia South Australia, South Australian Tourism Industry Council and the SATC.

Regional tourism plays a key role in the South Australian visitor economy. 40 per cent of the State’s total visitor expenditure is spent in regions, while only 23 per cent of South Australians live in regional areas. The Regional Visitor Strategy identifies our regions’ key strengths and future potential. The implementation will be led by the Regional Visitor Strategy Steering Committee and has the potential to grow the regional visitor expenditure from $2.6 billion to $3.55 billion.

It is an exciting time for tourism in South Australia and I look forward to working together with your regional tourism organisation to grow our visitor economy and deliver $8 billion in visitor expenditure by 2020.

Rodney Harrex


For more information and to view the South Australian Regional Visitor Strategy click here.