Small Business Fundamentals Program – Calling for Providers

Office for Small and Family (part of Department for Industry, Innovation and Skills) has announced the Small Business Fundamentals Program to support the development and delivery of programs that can support South Australian small and family businesses to build their business know-how and capability in areas critical to long term growth and development.

RDAYMN is looking to deliver an extension of our successful Business 2 Business program via a series of workshops and one-on-one business support services to provide businesses with access to support across a range of key functions working with specialist providers.

Business functions being targeted through this program will include:

  • Human resources management – education around obligations and strategies to help businesses manage difficult but increasingly common issues and expectations around topics such as flexible work arrangements, remote work policies, performance management issues and related topics.
  • Finance brokerage – helping businesses engage with brokers to help prepare and negotiate financing agreements with banks and other lenders. This is critical given the challenges unfolding as businesses come off fixed-term lending agreements at the same time as interest rates continue to rise.
  • Insurance brokerage – helping businesses understand the factors impacting insurance premiums and develop risk management strategies to help mitigate rises in premiums and ensure they understand the coverage they are getting through policies. In particular, targeting businesses encountering challenges obtaining policies (tourism operators and primary producers), as well as significantly escalating premiums (businesses without effective risk management plans in place).
  • Work health and safety – bringing businesses up to speed on their health and safety obligations and helping them develop strategies for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for everybody present at the workplace.
  • Marketing and use of social media – helping businesses with some online presence to reflect on their marketing strategy and how they are using social media to take advantage of a wider range of tools and information to better target their potential consumers and reach them more effectively.
  • Tendering and pre-qualification – supporting businesses participating in larger supply chains and projects to understand procurement models used in these projects and how to meet buyers’ requirements around pre-qualification, tendering, contracting and related requirements.

RDAYMN is currently seeking expressions of interest for potential providers across these functions before progressing with the submission (subject to a successful funding application being progressed with the Office for Small and Family Business).

Potential providers are encouraged to register their interest by completing this short form, or contacting Daniel Willson on 0488 557 656 or before 12th May 2023.