Breathe It In Toolkit launched for the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine regions, boasting wines of both elegance and power.

Food and dining options range from high-end ‘hatted’ and nationally awarded restaurants to providores, winery kitchens, authentic wood-oven pizza and gourmet picnicking overlooking the vines.

Experience living history in Mintaro and Burra, or soak up art and culture in Riverton. Stay on a working sheep station, or travel to the edge of the outback.

No other region offers such a mix of dining, wine, history, culture, relaxation, adventure and a tapestry of landscapes quite like Clare Valley.

It is the quintessential Australian experience.

The region is authentic, welcoming, unpretentious, humble, innovative and pristine.

This personality will be evident in the way stories are told and dressed, and the way people charged with representing the region behave.

We are:

  • The welcoming smile at the local pub
  • The informative conversation that started with a wine tasting
  • The retired engineer servicing the mini-railway
  • The farming family welcoming overnight visitors to their home
  • The grower nurturing our un-spoilt land to grow pristine quality grapes
  • The volunteer working on our agricultural shows
  • The passionate local creating a cutting-edge network of scenic trails
  • The tree-changer wanting to share their story
  • The chef foraging for local produce
  • The long-term resident whose family history is intertwined with the roots of the region


Distance has traditionally been an obstacle to visitation and tourism. Clare Valley has been seen as just a little too far for a day trip.

Let’s turn that negative into a positive.

The distance means tourists will need to stay a while. They can relax, unwind, soak it up and Breathe It In,  a statement that works across experiences in both a literal and metaphorical manner.

  • The wine lover literally breathes in the wine
  • The visitor to Mintaro metaphorically breathes in the history
  • The trail walker breathes in the purest country air
  • The adventure breathes in the incredible scenery.


The Toolkit

The toolkit and revamp of the Clare Valley brand tagline ‘Breathe It In’ is a collaborative project between Clare Valley Tourism and the Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association. The first toolkit was launched on Tuesday, February 28 at the Clare Valley Business and Tourism Association’s Business Mixer, with an updated version published in August 2023 to coninside with the campaign launch.

It is designed to show operators and businesses in the Clare Valley how to leverage the brand and intertwine it with their marketing activity.

Within the toolkit, you will find background on the brand, including the branding video, ways in which businesses can get involved, our regional voice, logo and colours, how to get your content shared, how to engage with the campaign, relevant bodies on social media and best practice tips.





For further information, please contact our Regional Tourism Manager.

Jordan Martin
0412 986 071