A message from our Chair – Bill Vanderpeer

What a wonderful long weekend, at Auburn, where I live, we have transformed from weekends where the tumbleweeds roll down the main street and the distant howls of dingos can be heard in the night back to what we are more used to in Autumn and Winter in the Clare Valley. People everywhere, B&B’s booked, the café and pub humming (within some constraints of course) all in all its been an amazing change in our tourism business dynamics. From what I hear it’s been a similar weekend across the Yorke and Mid North.

As Chair of RDA I would like to congratulate those businesses that have been forced into hibernation and are emerging, not like sleepy wombats but hungry and keen to do business. We all know that this is the first step on what will be a long and challenging road. All sectors of our regional economy will be impacted and at the RDA we know there is an enormous amount of work to do.

I encourage you to seek out the assistance of RDA Yorke and Mid North and look to our enthusiastic and experienced team for assistance working through the current challenges. As a board, the RDA is working closely with all business and community stakeholders to assist in re-imagining what our post Covid 19 regions might look like. Over the coming weeks and months we will be continuing to work on regional recovery plans and we will be looking for your input. We have seen what we can do as a community working together to reduce the spread of the virus, let’s work together in the same way to drive our regional economy forward!

Bill Vandepeer