The Yorke and Mid North B2B Program will help businesses access expert advice and services so they can feel confident to make the correct decisions for their business.

The B2B Program in the Yorke and Mid North, offers business access to 3 hours of specialist skilled consultancy service at a minimal cost.  The skilled provider is to supply one hour of free service to businesses, with an additional two hours paid for by RDAYMN at a standard / flat rate of $75 per hour.  The total paid to the provider will be $75 x 2 hours = $150.

We are seeking a range of skilled B2B providers across the region, to ensure we can offer a broad range of assistance to businesses e.g:  IT, Marketing, Legal, Agriculture, WHS, Finance, Bookkeeping, HR, Graphic design and Website development.


To become a skilled B2B provider RDAYMN invite you to contact us, for a discussion / interview to understand what skilled services your business can offer. Once accepted you will then be required to sign an agreement outlining each party’s obligations and expectations.

RDAYMN anticipates with highly specialized services (e.g. Legal), only 2 hours of service may be offered.  The payment to the provider will remain at $150 for the two hours of service provided.


Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North, (RDAYMN)

Phone: 1300 742 414

Contact: Jo-anne Buchanan

Email: jbuchanan@yorkeandmidnorth.com.au

Website: www.yorkeandmidnorth.com.au