South Australia’s COVID-19 Restricitons

The Government of South Australia has announced the reintroduction of COVID-19 restrictions due to the outbreak in Victoria and potential threat to South Australians.

From 05 August
To manage the public health risk posed by the outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria, restrictions have been put in place.
From 12:01 am Wednesday 5 August:

  • A cap of 10 people for gatherings in private homes
  • Food and beverages (including alcohol) are only consumed by patrons while seated at tables, away from any bar or ordering area

These additional restrictions coincide with travel restrictions that were introduced on 29 July.

  • Only essential travellers will be able to enter SA from Victoria. South Australians are no longer be able to return to SA from Victoria.
  • Essential travellers living in cross border communities can still enter South Australia. If you are entering from NSW you cannot travel further than 50 kilometres over the border into South Australia. If you are entering from VIC you cannot travel further than 40 kilometres over the border into South Australia.
  • A pre-approval process is now in place for travellers wishing to enter South Australia. The Cross Border Travel Registration should speed up the border crossing process and provide certainty for people who want to enter SA. All travellers intending to enter SA should register for pre-approval. This includes people entering from unrestricted states (NT, QLD, TAS and WA), people entering from permissible states (ACT and NSW) – including those applying for essential traveller status, essential travellers entering from Victoria and SA residents returning home from any other state other than Victoria, regardless of how long they were interstate.