Uni Hub

The history behind the Uni Hub

In 2012 the South Australia Centre for Economic Studies highlighted that education is the foundation for growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Spencer Gulf. By 2014 Strategic Economic Solutions further highlighted that a lack of scientific and technical expertise in the region was a barrier to future growth.

With these findings the Upper Spencer Gulf Education Committee was formed to assess the skills gap and preferred education models that would benefit the region the most.

During 2017 a National Expression of Interest for tertiary partners was conducted and the Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group submitted a grant application (to the Government) for a tertiary study centre.

In 2018 the funding was approved, resources appointed and partnerships made with three Universities and TafeSA. We are now on track to open the first Uni Hub in January 2019.

How the Uni Hub was established

The Spencer Gulf Cities of Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla secured $1.1 million funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Job and Investment Package to establish local tertiary education opportunities for the region.

Partnerships with The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of Central Queensland, TAFE SA as well as industry, education and government organisations were established. Courses will be provided online by our tertiary education partners with the assistance of local Uni Hub support services, regional industry and lecturers.

About the Uni Hub

The Uni Hub Spencer Gulf is a community owned and driven tertiary education facility that brings educational opportunities to the people living in the Spencer Gulf region.

The Uni Hub has been established to promote educational access, supported learning, and increase employment opportunities for the local community.

When will Uni Hub launch?

We will launch the first Uni Hub in the “old library” building at 97 Ellen Street, Port Pirie and accept our first intake of students in January 2019.

The second Uni Hub, location yet to be finalised, will be established in Port Augusta and accepting students in 2020.

How do I enrol in the Spencer Gulf Uni Hub?

 Further information about the Uni Hub and enrolments can be found here.