Giving Small Business a Big Future in Australia

The Australian Government is committed to Giving Small Business a Big Future and wants to inform the Australian small business community and their advisors about the initiatives available to support their business.

The Government understands the significant role that Australian small business plays in the economy. As a result, they’re committed to supporting small business owners by offering a wide range of measures to provide small business owners with tailored support to save time and money on the day to day running of the business and focus on growth.

We understand the vital role that Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) play across the country. ASBAS gives business owners and start-ups access to expert and specialised consultation throughout the year.

The Federal Government has developed a new online filter tool for small business owners that can be found here to help you identify what measures and programs are available to you to support your business growth.

We encourage you to visit the website to find out what support is available and to drive awareness of the importance of the small business community in Australia. You can also find out the latest information on what’s available to you via the Small Business Australia Facebook page.