Workforce Development

Finding the right people with the right skills to join your team can be an ongoing challenge for business owners, especially in regional areas.

Often it means training people – either current employees or prospective team members – to meet your business need. As training can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, our WorkReady Industry Skills Managers can coordinate the process and apply for funding through the Department of State Development.

It’s our job to identify skills gaps within the region and arrange the appropriate training, so you can get on with the job of running your business. At the same time, our aim is to give all community members the opportunity to participate in the workforce and contribute to the region’s growth. So we’re not only looking after employers, but also ensuring unemployed or underemployed people within our region gain new skills and employment.

Workforce Statistics and Tools

Do you see an opportunity to employ staff soon?

We can assist you to make the right choices and choose the right skill set.

Do your current employees require new skills to ensure increased working hours within your business?

Call or email our WorkReady Industry Skills Managers for help with workforce training and employment in your region.

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Mark Sheasby
Position: Industry Skills Manager – Southern Flinders
Mobile: 0407 606 899