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Goyder’s Line Sustainability Hub

About the Hub

The Goyder's Line Sustainability Hub is a regionally-driven community cooperative and regional network that showcases and incubates research, regional business and adaptive rural living practices in the Yorke and Mid North Region of South Australia.

It acts as a research generator, industry cluster, knowledge exchange and sustainable education platform - a catalyst for driving research investment and sustainable business growth in a challenging economic environment.

On the ground the Hub functions as a network of active initiatives and organisations physically distributed within and across regional areas. Coordination is provided through the central resources of the Yorke and Mid North Regional Alliance under the direction of a Steering Committee drawing together research institutions and industry.

The issues affecting the people dispersed across the region, ‘on the land’ and in towns, is at the core of the Hub. However, the  region’s diverse natural attributes of productive land; abundant wind resources; world class wine production; and accessible coastline means that the Hub will have relevance and reach beyond this boundary, including internationally.

Sustainability is a significant issue for the region which is vulnerable to climate change and other local and global social, environmental and economic pressures.

Download a copy of the Capability Statement for further information.

Key Products & Services

The key products and services of the Sustainability Hub to address these regional needs are:

  • Knowledge Leading Change: Knowledge  is the foundation for innovation, diversification and leadership required for long-term growth and development of the region.
  • Research Informing Practice: Research and development must be generated and delivered to a world class level in cooperation with the community to realise true outcomes for the region.
  • Community Directing the Way: An engaged and empowered community will lead the way forward through autonomous adaptation.
  • Advocacy for Local Issues: Collaboration at a regional level provides the capacity to influence policy through advocacy for local issues and identifying new opportunities.
  • Life-Long Learning: Regionally based vocational and industry based training is essential to opening up employment pathways for local people and supports the retention of knowledge and skills in the community.
  • Valuing Initiative: The region’s historical and future advancement and initiative must be valued to stimulate ongoing application of best practice across the region.

Contact Information

For further information about the Goyder's Line Sustainability Hub, please contact:

Natasha Hall
Climate Change Coordinator
Yorke and Mid North Regional Alliance

Phone:  0487 272 341
Post:     PO Box 299, Jamestown SA 5491